Short Film Competition EFF

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  • , 2018 / 90 minuten
  • Regie: CineSud
  • Met: diverse korte films

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Viewing of the second official competition, including the world premiere of the short films Coquille (Yorn Heijnen) and The Hangman (Tim Sagl).

The complete program of this second selection for the official competition is:
- The Hangman, Tim Sagl, Netherlands, 8 minutes
- Wild Beasts, Sverre Kvamme, Norway, 10 minutes
- Brazuca, Faidon Gkretsikos, Greece, 19 minutes
- True North, George Bowler, UK, 8 minutes
- Day of Reckoning, Gideon van Eeden, Netherlands, 14 minutes
- Throwline, Mia Mullarkey, Ireland, 14 minutes
- Coquille, Yorn Heijnen, Netherlands, 8 minutes
This program-part will be completely in English.